Under our food category, you can find a vast variety of fresh and high quality food items. Under this category, there are thousands of products in dozens of sub-categories. Let's look at these items in detail.

Meat & Seafood & Poultry

Under this sub-category, we have carefully selected meat, fish and poultry products for you. These products are frozen to always retain their freshness.

As, we prepare our frozen meat, seafood and poultry for shipping in the healthiest and most hygienic environment.

Under our seafood category, you can add fish such as Gutted Dorado, Mediterranean Sea Bass, Gutted Bonito, Gutted Bluefish and Red Mullet to your basket.

Under the meat category, you can find meat products such as Beef Sirloin Steak, Lamb Chops, Lamb Ribs, Beef Burgers, Beef Stew, Ground Beef, Beef Filet Mignon, Beef NY Strip Steak, Boneless Beef Ribeye. You can also find Doner Kebab, a very popular Turkish meat dish, in this category. To eat this delicious Turkish kebab, all you have to do is heat it for a few minutes.

There is also poultry in this category. You can buy chicken wings, boneless chicken breast and whole chicken products in this category.


You can find the products you need in your baking recipes under our bakery category. The products here consist of both ready-to-eat foods and ingredients to be used in pastries.

Pudding, cocoa, granulated sugar, pastry dough, wheat starch, mahalab, cinnamon powder, baking powder, rice flour, vanilla sugar, topping cream, yeast, wheat flour and wheat starch are some of the pastry ingredients you can buy in this category. You can also order ready-to-eat bakery such as round bread, pita bread and Turkish bagels from this category.


Under our dairy category, you can find varieties of cheese, ayran, yogurt, cow's milk, goat's milk and butter. 

Turkish desserts are among the most popular desserts in the world, which many of them are known internationally. Under this category  we offer delicious baklava, cezerye,  Turkish delights, pismaniye and halva and also international delicacies like macaroons.

Sometimes easy, fast and affordable is what we are looking for to make healthy meals. That is when we reach to pantry products.
Tarhana, fine bulgur, pasta, instant soup varieties, lentils, Turkish noodles, dried peppers, dried eggplant, beans, chickpeas, mint, coating spices are some of our pantry category products.

In addition to these categories, you can find ethnic food and snacks under our food category. As the Grocery and Meat team, we pride ourselves on bringing you the healthiest and safest snacks and ethnic foods.

You can safely order food products through our website. We deliver all the strictly controlled food products to your address as soon as possible.

BrandLocatelli BrandsLocatelli Country of OriginItaly
BrandsCountry Crock Country of OriginUSA
BrandsPolly-O Country of OriginUSA
BrandsPhiladelphia Country of OriginUSA
BrandsBelGioioso Country of OriginUSA
BelGioioso Parmesan Cheese, 3 lb avg wt
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BrandsBelGioioso Country of OriginUSA
BrandsBelGioioso Country of OriginUSA
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BrandsSutas Country of OriginTurkey GTIN 8681324005265
BrandsDairyland Country of OriginDenmark
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BrandsTahsildaroglu Country of OriginTurkey GTIN650066977510
BrandsValbreso Country of OriginFrance
BrandsTahsildaroglu Country of OriginTurkey GTIN8691225152005
BrandsTahsildaroglu Country of OriginTurkey GTIN8691225152340
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