Our Story

Some children are lucky enough to grow up in the same house that they were born to, having the stability and safety of a familiar environment. Some children are lucky to move frequently between cities, sometimes countries to have all the excitements and adventures of new beginnings. I belong to the second group. Amidst all the moving, exploring, packing and unpacking we had one constant in our lives, my mother's cooking.

Whenever we moved into a new house, my mother started unpacking the kitchen boxes first. She would tell us that the hearth  in the kitchen was  the heart of the home. Like most immigrant mothers, mine brought her recipes that carried the memories and the turning points of her life from the motherland when she came to America, but like most of them she could not bring her ingredients. Opportunities were limited, technology had not reached the peaks that it is on today and home was still far away....


Today we are living in a big small world. Yesterday's distances measured by days are reduced to hours. This great world is a generous place with an abundance of flavors spread all over the globe and we want you to enjoy these amazing flavors regardless of the distances.

“Flavors of the Globe” is both our promise and offering to you. We search for the best, we taste what we offer, we listen to you and we deliver fast. Your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy !!