Tadim Roasted Hazelnut Kernels (7.1 Oz) 200Gr

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The hazelnut kernels is a natural explosion of health, small in size and big in impact. Experts recommend a handful of hazelnuts a day. Delicious hazelnuts are from Tadım, always as fresh as ever.

Hazelnuts, a source of Omega 3, are good for the heart and blood vessels.
Hazelnuts are an antioxidant rich in vitamin E and help slow down aging. 
Furthermore, they alleviate stress thanks to the vitamin B5 they contain. Hazelnuts also contain vitamin B9 and thus help reduce the risk of blood vessel stiffness, heart attack, paralysis and dementia. Hazelnuts are rich in boron and strengthen the bones.

Country of Origin:
  • Turkey
Her zaman taze
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