Recipe Boxes

Recipe Boxes

Recipe boxes are packages that offer you all the ingredients and a recipe for the dish of your choice.  Thanks to the recipe boxes, you'll find the idea and the ingredients for the meal all in one place.

We choose all the ingredients in our recipe boxes from high end brands so the dish you create will satisfy the pickiest eaters.  

One of the recipes on our site is pasta salad with white cheese. You can buy the ingredients required for this recipe, which is both healthy and practical, from the recipe boxes subcategory. This recipe box contains pasta, dried tomatoes marinated in oil, goat's milk cheese, black olives, and olive oil.

Another Turkish recipe under this category is Rice Pilaf with Sautéed Beef. This is a very popular dish inTurkish households and is served at least once a week either for lunch or dinner. You will see why it is such a favorite after trying it once.  

If you want to have the most delicious and popular recipes of Turkish cuisine for lunch or dinner, you do not need to  eat in order from a Turkish restaurant. You can easily prepare these dishes at home by  choosing one of our recipe boxes. 

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