How We Pack and Deliver Your Orders

We search and listen to you for the best brands and flavors around the globe which is rarely available on the chain markets you regularly* use for your daily home shopping. *where you buy eggs and milk
We order and store goods on our climate-controlled warehouse in NJ. We have dry goods section at 70F, refrigerated section at 40F and frozen section at 0F according to FDA suggestions
When you place an order, we collect your items from the related warehouse section and bring them to the packing room. We pack the refrigerated and frozen items when the box is ready to be shipped so to always follow the cold chain.
We take it very seriously to deliver your orders fresh, undamaged and as if you are buying from the production plant.
So, we pack every perishable item individually and place them to the right box size to minimize the movement with 200Lbs strength capacity
We place refrigerated or frozen items in a separate box with either dry ice or frozen gels depending on the products.
After placing every item and checking your order to avoid any missing or wrong product replacement, we start filling the empty spaces in the box again to avoid collision which might cause any damage.
After filling the empty spaces with bubbles and kraft paper, we cover the box to make it ready to seal for shipping
We seal the box first
Then we cover it with stretch film to make it a secure and healthy delivery to your doorstep
Enjoy! We hope you enjoy your order as much as we did while preparing it for you.