Artisan La Petite Pomagranete Rose Petal 7.05oz (200g)

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Amazing  Pomegranate Rose taste with fresh pistachio from the middle east. Delicious gourmet Turkish treat, a heavenly, exotic sweet.  Double roasted Turkish delights also known as lokum, a traditional confectionery treat. Our Turkish delights bring unique flavors and aromas to satisfy every taste.

All products are prepared in a traditional way, Artisan La Petite products are glucose free and gluten free. There are no substitutes, no additives, and no preservatives in our delights. They are all hand-made, natural, and vegan. We also use original pure sugar instead of glucose syrup.

Our Turkish Delights are good as a sweet treat at tea and coffee break . They can also be a wonderful gift for special occasions, such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas and any other day that is precious to you.

ALLERGEN information-Contains nuts also tree nuts.

Artisan La Petite
Country of Origin:
  • Turkey

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