Turkish Towel

Turkish towel is one of the most striking products of this category. Turkish towel, also known as peshtemal, is a traditional bath towel. These towels, common house items previously are used only in public Turkish baths (hammams) (today).

Turkish towels are used as decorative elements, blankets and tableclothes too. You can see tables and walls covered with Turkish towels in restaurants and cafes, that favour an authentic style.

Besides their versatility, Turkish Towels are easy to clean because they do not stain easily.  And any stains on them can be removed without using strong chemicals. 

No harmful additives are used in Turkish towels.

Turkish towels are light and easy to carry , take them to the beach, to spa or travel with them.

They are highly absorbent and dry in a short time thanks to their material and texture. 


One of the most preferred products in this category is natural soaps. These soaps are rich in vitamins and minerals. Most of them are handmade and all have different benefits depending on the ingredients.

Some of the handmade soaps in this category are active carbon, aleo vera, argan oil, blac seed, cacao, centaury flower, orange and cinnamon, red clay and rice. If you have sensitive skin, our handmade natural soaps would be a great choice for daily use.

Also, pediatricians recommend choosing natural soaps for babies and children. Thanks to these soaps, your child's skin will be healthy, smooth and clean.

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